Tuesday, April 20, 2021

US Flooded by Illegal Indian Immigrants via the US-Mexico Border

The US-Mexico Border has become a hot-spot for Indian Immigrants seeking to enter the United States, illegally. Not Mexicans or Africans, now Indians are one of the fastest growing illegal immigrants to the US. According to a Fox News Report, Indians who are unable to obtain H1B visas, have started to enter the country illegally via the US-Mexico Border, that too in hordes. 

In 2015, the US officials apprehended six immigrants from India trying to cross into the U.S from Mexico. So far, the number of illegal Indian immigrants entering the US is already 3,400 which was zero until 2008.

The U.S-Mexico border is divided into nine sectors and smallest is El Centro, west of the Arizona-California border. That region along the US-Mexico border has become a hub for entering the US illegally for Indians.

“Communication is extremely difficult,” said an official, who like most border agents speaks Spanish, but not the Indian languages, Punjabi or Hindi. “We are unable to communicate  with them and have to get the interpreter to comprehend their narration.”

Agents patrolling the US-Mexico border say that they arrest approximately five to ten Indian citizens daily, with most young men seeking refuge as victims of political or religious oppression.

Unlike those emanating from Central America, who usually flee poverty and seek protection from gangs, most Indians claim oppression based on politics, social group and religion. Most Central Americans pay approximately $8,000 smuggling fee to cross the US-Mexico Border, however, Indian citizens are charged three times more up to $25,000 dollars.

“Many Indians use their lack of identity to pretend to be one person in Mexico and another one in the US. “In Mexico, they declare themselves to be an adult because unaccompanied youths under 18 can be detained. However, in the U.S, they pretend to be juveniles so they must be released as per the US laws.

Asylum seekers sans a felonious history in the U.S. are generally released. Once released, the illegal immigrants usually head to the local Sikh Temple for a meal, refreshments and a bus ticket. From there, they will move on to live with their relatives, until an immigration judge can hear their case – which may take a few years.

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