Indian “Maulvi’s” Kidnapped in Pakistan?

Chief Maulvi Syed Asif Ali Nezami of Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah and his nephew Nazim Nizami are missing in Pakistan for the past three days. It is active from India’s Foreign Ministry to the Home Ministry and is in touch with the family. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted that the Indian Embassy in Pakistan is looking into this matter. Sushma Swaraj also said in the tweet that there is pressure to not talk to the Indian embassy on Asif’s relatives who stayed at Karachi.

Two Indian Maulanas missing in Pakistan

Asif Nezami’s son Sajid Nezami told Eurasian Times that his father had gone to Karachi from New Delhi on March 6. After a week in Karachi he went to Lahore from the flight. Sajid said, “In Lahore my father went to Hazarat Nizamuddin Auliya Baba to visit the dargah of Guru. My father went there to pray there and to take a sheet. On 13th and 14th March he appeared on two dargahs. From there on March 15, Karachi was returning. When he reached Lahore Airport, Nazim Nizami Sahib was stopped after taking boarding pass. They were asked to make inquiries. My 80-year-old father was asked to sit in the flight. When his flight reached Karachi, he called his relative from the airport. “

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Sajid said, “He had called his niece. They phoned and said that they have reached and they come to collect. They told that Nazim has been stopped. My father reached Lahore in the evening at six o’clock in the evening and stood till two o’clock in the night but no one came here. “He said,” My father’s sister is in Pakistan. He is 90 years old. My boy has a son and the whole family is there. Looking at the age, my father wished that he would meet his sister once. He had gone to Pakistan even 30 years ago. “Sajid said that he was getting a lot of help from the Central Government. He said, “External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has received a lot of help from us. Home Minister Rajnath Singh also sent a man. Both have received assurances that they are in touch with the Pakistani government and efforts are being made to find out as soon as possible. “

Sajid said that those who are his relatives in Pakistan are frightened at home. He said that why they are scared it is out of the understanding. Sajid said that his relatives have not lodged FIR in this case. ”¬†Sajid said, “On March 12, my last thing happened to my father. He also sent photographs of the sheets of Baba Farid Dargah and Danta Dargah. “Sajid said,” We are scared. Both suddenly disappeared from the airport and it is weird. We have four brothers and all are very worried. “