Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Indian Missions In Afghanistan Under ‘Severe’ Threat From Pakistan Backed Terrorists – Reports

Pakistan’s notorious spy agency – ISI is allegedly forging a partnership between LeT and the ISIS to carry out suicide attacks on Indian missions in Afghanistan. 

Pakistan’s Notorious Spy Agency – ISI Attacks Supreme Court’s Decision; Challenges Judiciary

According to reports by the Indian Media, the Islamic State in Khorasan Province known as ISKP, the group’s Afghanistan arm, is active in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and has allegedly recruited some Indians for the suicide mission.

The intelligence inputs suggest that five suicide bombers have received training to carry out the suicide missions against the Indian targets.

India has faced the brunt of terrorism inside and outside the country. In 2008, the Indian embassy in Kabul was attacked by terrorists which according to a book, was planned, authorized and monitored by Pakistan’s ISI.

The suicide car bomb attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul left 58 people dead, including two top Indian officials while over 140 people were injured.

ISIS Terrorists Defeated In Syria Heading Towards Asia Pacific, North Africa – Experts Warn

“The Indian embassy bombing was sanctioned and monitored by the most senior officials in Pakistani intelligence,” wrote senior journalist Carlotta Gall in her latest book ‘The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan 2001-2004’

While Pakistan rejected its involvement in the Indian embassy attack, however, some of leading American newspapers and the governments of India and Afghanistan directly accused the ISI of the attack.

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