US Keeps China Out of Indo-Pacific Region with $300 Million Master Stroke

To bolster security in the Indo-Pacific Region, the US only Saturday committed USD 300 million to tackle China’s growing influence. This pledge from the US comes at a time when the Indo-Pacific tirade between the US and China has intensified. The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo attended the meeting with the ASEAN nations also stated that the US will continue to mount pressure on North Korea. 

The US official stated that this announcement comes as a part of its strategy to enhance regional security in the Indo-Pacific region. Mike Pompeo was present at the ASEAN summit in Singapore where he made the pledge on behalf of Washington. He stated that this financial assistance will be used to enhance maritime security, provide larger humanitarian aid programmes and push the peacekeeping capabilities in the disputed region.
The US official stated that he also discussed with the foreign ministers of the 10 ASEAN nations the militarization of the South China Sea by China. He also deliberated with the ASEAN nations on the need to have a conduct based on a certain set of the rules in the Indo-Pacific. Mike Pompeo reemphasised Donald Trump’s idea of a free and open Indo-Pacific, which holds the key to economic growth.
Pompeo also highlighted the fact that the US will continue to pressurise North Korea to give up on its nuclear weapons. He said that he conveyed to other nations the willingness of Washington to maintain sanctions on North Korea. Pompeo stated that the US also talked about the significance of imposing the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council on the matters of the Indo-Pacific region.
So, now with a massive commitment of USD 300 Million, the US seems to have got the ASEAN nations to sway to its side. Can the US and the ASEAN nations keep a determined China out of the Indo-Pacific?