Iraqi Kurdistan Officially Announced Holding a Referendum

The authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan officially announced the holding of a referendum on independence in the previously scheduled terms – on September 25. This was announced on Thursday by the Internet portal Shafaq News.

Iraqi Kurdistan is the unofficial name of the Kurdish Autonomous Region, which has the status of broad autonomy within Iraq, legally enshrined in the country’s constitution. Baghdad opposes the plebiscite, considering the decision of the Kurdish authorities to be illegal. Prime Minister Heydar Al-Abadi had not previously ruled out military intervention if the planned referendum led to an escalation of violence, stressing that he would not refuse negotiations with Erbil.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the head of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, at a meeting with British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, made it clear that there was no talk of postponement of the vote, but a decision on its postponement could be made if “international guarantees of Baghdad’s readiness to negotiate independence region “.