Bollywood in China – Stealing The Thunder from Hollywood Movies

How Bollywood Movies in China are Winning the Hearts and Minds of Chinese People.

Bollywood in China has become a rage and is doing massive business in the Chinese market. Bollywood, the Indian film industry, has grown and matured very impressively over the years in China and has started to steal the thunder of Hollywood movies. Bollywood in China is blossoming and has become the real driving force behind China’s box-office revenues. But what attracts the Chinese audience towards Bollywood Movies?

The brilliance of Bollywood movies in terms of subjects and performances is getting amazingly popular in China. The earnings from the entertainment sector in China is riding big on Indian films, while Hollywood movies seem to be losing their charm. It appears that Bollywood is edging out Hollywood in China’s box office revenues.

The Chinese box office surpassed that of the United States when in February 2018 it made a whopping USD 1.6 billion. This is largely driven by domestic films and Bollywood movies running across China. When in March there were no domestic films being screened in China the box office collections fell miserably. The audience has extended warm love towards Indian movies as Bollywood in China has evolved to be interesting and more fascinating than ever.


India and China have both been parties to several territorial conflicts arising between them. But this has not hampered China’s love for Bollywood at all. Commercial Indian cinema continues to mesmerize the Chinese. Movies like Dangal, Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Hindi Medium and Secret Superstars have grossed huge amounts at the Chinese box office. With the earnings of USD 190 million, Dangal became one of the biggest hits in the overseas markets.

Secret Superstar too took great strides at the Chinese box office as it garnered revenue of USD 119.4 million. In fact, Secret Superstar performed way better in China than it did in India. People in China feel that they can relate to stories of Indian films as well as they are similar to stories in China.


Toilet: Ek Prem Katha which is a comic romantic comedy with a social message was a big hit in China. The plot presented the peculiar issue of lack of toilets in rural India with a hilarious mojo. The movie did very well in China and made USD 10 million at the Chinese Box Office.

Film critics and even viewers of China were very impressed by the plot of the movie. They lauded how a personal story was used to paint a larger picture of a widespread social problem. They believe that this is something that the Chinese film industry has failed to do.

It is amazing how Bollywood is earning so much respect in China. Bollywood has started to become much more popular than Hollywood in China and that is because of the new found in the form of Indian cinema. The trends at the Chinese box office will encourage Bollywood, even more, to pick subjects with common interests and address peculiar issues through cinema.

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