What is in Store for ISIL?

Iraq Turkmen have troubled extremely since ISIL’s emergency, with tens of thousands forced to escape. When the fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS-Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) group capture Kirkuk last October, hundreds of people poured onto the streets to help security forces fight back Iraqi northern cities.

Along with them were dozens of fighters under the blue-and-white Turkmen planners, to portray a rare occasion when Iraq’s third-largest united group to protect the community.

Fighters portray the roughly two to three million Irani Turkmen-minimum 10% the population of Iraq are part of a broad mobilization to protect what they call Turkmen Eli, or land of Turkmen. This thin broad sweep of land extends northwest to southeast along the frontline of ISIS, the Iraqi army, and Kurdistan regional government (KRG)

Thousands of Turkmen have to fight against ISIS, along with the popular mobilization forces (PMU) a group of principally huge momentum to Iraq’s war effort but have been also repeating of committing human right improper treatment. The anti-ISIS Turkmen fighters find themselves standing against other Turkmen who have joined ISIS-a twist within a war that has seen many communities alveolar against each other.