Saturday, March 6, 2021

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Jammu Dogras Openly Threaten “Kashmir Pandits” in Jammu

In a very strange and shocking incident, people from the Jammu Dogra community threatened the Kashmiri Pandit Community to leave Jammu following a tiff in Press Club of Jammu.

We Killed Kashmiri Pandits because they were Indian Agents

This all started when the Kashmiri Pandits community members assembled outside the Press Club of Jammu in remembrance of the Kashmiri Pandit Balidaan Divas. The KP’s tried to protest, but that area was a restricted area as per the regulations by the District Magistrate.

When the Press Club’s guards ordered the KP’s to leave, the KP leaders (according to Press Club of Jammu officials) started abusing the guards. The media people tried to mediate, however, the KP leaders also abused them also and called the “terrorists”, according to the local media. After a meeting, Jammu media persons unanimously decided to boycott any media coverage of Kashmiri Pandit organization, Panun Kashmir, after a group their activists allegedly misbehaved and insulted the journalists near the Press Club.
Devender Singh Rana from National Conference declared his solidarity with the media persons and condemned the unfortunate incident. However, the Kashmir Pandit community is outraged with such threatening comments and are concerned with the circulation of this disturbing video.

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