Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Japan Adopts Effective Approach To Resolve Territorial Conflict With Russia

Japanese Primer Shinzo Abe pledged to stabilise the relationship between Japan and Russia. Japan will adopt a slow and effective strategy to resolve the existing territorial conflict with Russia.

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During a public rally where the residents who used to live in the four islands captured by Russia in the war and their supports were present, Japanese premier said that it’s difficult but necessary to settle the existing conflict over “northern territories”. “It is not easy to resolve this task remaining over 73 years since the war. Yet, we need to tackle this. Keeping in mind your sentiments toward the Northern Territory, we are determined to take a step-by-step approach toward resolving the territorial issue”, Abe added.

The Japanese leader is trying hard to regain the islands of Japan’s northern main island of Hokkaido. For a long period, the conflict has prevented Japan and Russia from signing a peace treaty. Although Abe and Putin were ready to speed up the agreement based on a 1956 Soviet proposal to hand over two islands to Japan. The Russian nationalist seems to be disappointed with the advancement in talks.
Japanese premier assured that the agreement will be based on the guidelines approved by the Russian leader with respect to the peace treaty. Japanese leader is keen to advance ties with Russia by resolving disputes and cooperating each other in making proper use of available natural resources. In order to minimize the risk of isolation, Japan is trying to stabilize relationship with Russia.

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