Despite Indian Pressure, China to Complete Karot Hydropower Project

Latest updates on Karot Hydropower Project. Despite strong opposition from India, China is planning to complete the Karot Hydropower Project soon. The $2 billion project is to be built in Pakistan controlled Kashmir. China has been working aggressively to complete the project earlier than the planned dates. According to the report printed in ‘Global Times‘, Karot Hydropower Project will be built on Jhelum river and the construction work started last year.

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India has been opposing the Karot Hydropower Project from the very beginning. This project is being funded by a Chinese company in Pakistan controlled Kashmir, but India has been claiming the Karot Hydropower Project to be a violation of its sovereignty (since India claims all of Kashmir). After the launch of this project, the Chinese company will operate it for 30 years, after which it will be handed over to the Government of Pakistan.

Hu Jiang, Research Fellow of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said, “India has been consistently protesting regarding the Karot project because it is in Pakistan controlled Kashmir, but we will not stop the ongoing cooperation between China and Pakistan. The relations between the two countries are good and India will not be affected.

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China is also spending thousands of crores on CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). This CPEC project is also going through Pakistan controlled Kashmir. This project is part of China’s “One Belt One Road’ scheme under which China plans to connect to Europe and Africa through roads, railways, and ports. India has consistently boycotted and overlooked the Chinese “One Belt and Road” Project.