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Imran Khan Government Preparing Draft To Resolve Kashmir Conflict: Reports



Is Pakistan serious towards resolving the Kashmir conflict and enhance India-Pakistan relations? The new government under Imran Khan is reportedly working on a draft resolution to resolve the Kashmir dispute. The draft is being prepared by the new Humans Rights Minister Shireen Mazari.

The Humans Right Minister, Mazari, has also accused the US of vitiating Pakistan’s goodwill gesture by allowing Mike Pompeo to congratulate Imran Khan and not the US President Trump.

Kashmir Conflict: What Can Imran Khan Do?

A top Minister in the newly formed cabinet of Pakistan has revealed the news of the Kashmir draft. Kashmir has been a bone of discontent between India and Pakistan since 1947 and has been the stumbling block in bilateral relations between the two countries. Certain resolutions of the United Nations too have been proposed over years to resolve the Kashmir conflict but none of them has found a complete implementation for decades.

Imran Khan after coming to power as the new Prime Minister showed a goodwill to maintain cordial relations with all the neighbouring nations and also to resolve all border conflicts. Even in terms of India-Pakistan relations, he stated that if India takes a step ahead towards bolstering ties, Pakistan will take two steps in the same direction.

This step taken towards resolving the Kashmir issue comes at a time when Pakistan has been made to taste its own medicine of terror. Pakistan’s Humans Rights Minister also questioned the US as to why didn’t Donald Trump himself call Imran Khan for congratulating him and asked the US State Secretary to do so on behalf of the US.

The new government in Pakistan is faced with the challenge to save a sinking economy and also its international reputation. For funding terrorism, Pakistan has already been put on the Grey List of the Paris based Financial Action Task Force.

If Pakistan does not live up to its commitment to FATF of taking measures against terrorism and money laundering then the Black List of the FATF will be the next step for Pakistan. Imran Khan has shown great intents to prioritise the development of the nation and keep aside any disputes and conflicts. It remains to be seen as to how much he actually delivers on these big promises.




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