Kazakhstan-Russia Ties: Why is Kazakhstan Banning Imports of Russian Fuel?

Why is Kazakhstan planning to ban Russian Fuel? Are Kazakhstan-Russia relations falling apart? The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Kanat Bozumbayev said that until the end of the week, Kazakhstan plans to introduce a three-month ban on the import of Russian fuel and lubricants. He stated this on June 20, in Astana.

“We are going to sign an order to ban Russian imports of oil and hopefully this will be passed by the end of the week. We have withstood the corresponding procedures, “he said. Bozumbaev noted that Moscow was sympathetic towards the decision of Astana. The reason for imposing a temporary ban on imports of Russian oil is because there are sufficient gas reserves in Kazakhstan at present.

Although Kazakhstan has large hydrocarbon reserves (according to BP in 2012, the republic ranked 12th in the world for oil reserves and 21 for gas), the country has not been able to provide itself with combustive-lubricating materials.

In Kazakhstan, there are three large oil refineries. On the need to modernize the refineries (for the creation of higher quality and environmentally friendly oil products), the minister said that Astana was working on it. The Ministry of Energy promises that upon completion of the modernization of refineries, Kazakhstan will not depend on Russian oil.


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