Monday, March 1, 2021

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Is North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-Un Protected by Russian Officials?

Are Russian Officials Protecting Kim-Jong-Un? Special services of the DPRK hired former agents of the Soviet State Security Committee (KGB) to provide personal protection to the country’s leader Kim-Jong-Un, who, according to Pyongyang, the US and South Korea might be physically able to liquidate. This was reported on Friday by the Japanese newspaper Asahi with reference to sources familiar with the situation in the DPRK.

Pyongyang, allegedly invited in February about 10 former employees of the KGB counter-terrorism unit, asking them to help prepare personal bodyguards for Kim Jong-un as advisers. The DPRK, in particular, is interested in the experience of former Soviet specialists in the field of forecasting terrorist attacks and responding to terrorist actions.

The source of the newspaper explained that in Pyongyang they feared attacks on Kim-Jong-Un with the use of the latest US weapons. The DPRK is alarmed, in particular, by the plans of the United States to deploy in South Korea a squadron of drone unmanned aerial vehicles Gray Eagle.

According to the Japanese newspaper, Pyongyang hopes that the former KGB officers will share with the special services of the republic methods of fighting spies in the country to ensure the protection of Kim-Jong-Un. At present, the situation on the Korean peninsula is extremely tense. On Monday in the region, the command post exercises of South Korea and the United States began under the name Ulchi – Freedom Guardian. The DPRK considers them hostile actions that increase tensions on the Korean peninsula, and strongly condemned the beginning of the manoeuvres.

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