Kurdistan Referendum: Barzani Camp Set to Emerge Victorious

To participate in the plebiscite in Iraqi Kurdistan, approximately 3.5 Million people came to the polling stations for the referendum vote. In some cities of Iraqi Kurdistan, according to preliminary data, more than 95% of voters voted for “independence” of the region. The final results of the referendum will be made public within next 48 hours which predicts overwhelming victory for the Barzani Camp.

Iraqi Kurdistan Officially Announced Holding a Referendum

Earlier, the State Department said that the independence referendum would increase instability in the region and negatively affect the people of Kurdistan. “I am deeply disappointed that the Kurdish regional government has decided to hold a unilateral referendum on independence”, – is said in the State Department.

Are US and Israel behind Kurdistan Referendum?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara would close the border, and stop the transit of its oil. Iraqi Kurdistan – Kurdish autonomy in Iraq, whose status was fixed in the country’s constitution 12 years ago.