Where is the lost Prince of Saudi Arabia missing?

For the last two years, three Prince Saudi Arabians have disappeared in Europe. All were important to the Saudi government and evidence has been found that all of them were abducted and sent back to Saudi Arabia. On the morning of June 12, 2003, a Prince of Saudi Arabia reached a castle on the outskirts of Geneva (Switzerland). His name was Sultan bin Turkey bin Abdulaziz and the palace was related to his late Chacha King Fahad. Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahad, son of Fahad, invited him to breakfast.

Masked people threw the needle in the neck

Abdulaziz told Sultan that he would return to Saudi Arabia and the issue of criticism of the Saudi leadership made by Sultan will be resolved. Sultan refused, after which Abdulaziz came out to call and Saudi-Islamic affairs minister Shaikh Saleh al-Sheikh, who was present in the room with him, left the room. Shortly after this, the masked men entered the room and beat Sultan badly and knocked him in his neck.

The unconscious Sultan was taken from an airport by a plane from Geneva Airport. All these incidents have been mentioned in the Switzerland court. At the same time, at the Geneva hotel, Sultan’s Communications Officer Eddie Ferreira was waiting to return to his breakfast.

He was speaking against the Saudi government Sultan Tan

Ferreira says, “We could not reach the security team and it was our first alert. We tried to contact Prince, but we could not find any answer. “Ferreira says, “In the afternoon, the Saudi ambassador in Switzerland came with the hotel’s general manager and he said that they empty all the penthouse of the hotel and the Prince is now in Riyadh, so his services are not required.”

After all, what did Prince Sultan do, for which the family had to abduct him forcibly?

Actually, this year, Sultan had arrived in Europe for treatment a year and when he came, he started giving interviews against the Saudi government. He spoke on the record of human rights and corruption in his country and talked about reforms in the country.

Prince Turkin Bin Monkey was one of the heads of the Saudi Police.He was also responsible for the security of the royal family, but due to a family dispute, he had to go to jail and after fleeing the jail, he fled to Paris. In 2012, he started posting videos on YouTube while emphasizing the need for reform in Saudi Arabia. After this, the country’s interior deputy minister Ahmed Al-Salem tried to call him back, but he refused to return to the country. After this, Prince Turkey continued to post videos till July 2015 and then suddenly disappeared. His friend and social worker Veel al-Khalif says that he heard from a Saudi official that the Turkish Bin Monkey was with him and was taken abducted.

Khalaf says that after a lot of efforts, he found an article in a Moroccan newspaper that it was told that he was exiled to Saudi Arabia on the request of the Saudi administration from the Moroccan prison. What happened with the Turkish Bin Monkey was not clear, but when she disappeared, she gave a copy of her book to her friend Velay and also told him that till she was murdered, Do not show to anyone. Turkey feared that he could be killed or abducted.