Monday, January 18, 2021

How Loud and Lousy Indian TV Anchors are Embarrassing India?

Are Indian TV Anchors a pain to the ear? While watching debates on newly launched News Channel with my Friend from the UK, I was surprised how my friends reacted to the constant shouting of Journalists and Indian TV Anchors.

One of my friends, Andrew, just could not understand why the Indian TV Anchors, News Readers, Journalists and even the Guests were all shouting on top of their voices? Another friend, Simon, questioned me and said where is the News? My third friend Lisa found it strange and said I was playing a prank on them by showing these fake TV debates. I was short of words and said to myself, this happens every day in India on almost all the channels.

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The reality is that most of the Indian TV anchors and other journalists who debate tirelessly every day are not really news anchors. Rather than investigating a news, it looks like a competition for who can shout the loudest, who can continuously blabber without making any sense, and who can aggressively stop another person from making a point. Strangely, the debates are not won not on logic, but on shouting skills.

The fundamental aim of Indian TV Anchors and Journalists is to inform and educate the people, examine and analyze the news, and share the news in an unbiased manner, even if it means criticizing the government policies. The instant bias steps in, then it’s all propaganda and not news.

Why are Indian TV Anchors so Loud, and How are they Embarrassing Indian on the Global Platform?

How Indian TV Anchors and Journalists Embarrassed People during Nepal Earthquakes?

Look at the Nepal Earthquake Coverage by the Indian Journalists. It was a shameful and vulgar piece of reporting which the Indian media carried out during Nepal Earthquakes. Just to get a media byte, the so-called journalists stooped down and continuously irritated people who lost everything in the earthquakes including their properties and families. The effort of the Indian government to send relief materials and NDRF team was a great move, but the Indian journalists spoiled all the good work of the Indian government by their “Yellow Journalism”.

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Regrettably, most of the Indian TV anchors act as if they are really are powerful and can wreck the democracy by their biased, unreliable and unprofessional approach. Words are taken out of context; guests are not allowed to express their views; people who have come to debate are shouted down like prisoners, while anchors are hostile, disruptive and light-years away from true journalism.

The news channels make India look chaotic and insane to the outside world. The Indian TV anchors do not look interested in the reality and mainly present tabloid junk as news reports. Indian TV Anchors are happy to demolish reputations, sensationalize unconfirmed news and not even apologizing for presenting incorrect news. Like we saw in the case of a leading Indian channel, which aggressively boasted that Russia had called off military drills with Pakistan under Indian pressure. And next day, Pakistani media widely covered the arrival of Russian Troops in Pakistan, and making a mockery of Indian TV channels.

India is a massive country and there are many newsworthy stories that need media attention to make the people and government aware. It is important for Indian TV anchors to understand that freedom comes with responsibility and accountability. It is the right time that media organizations, journalists, reporters introspect their modus operandi; after all these people need to play the role of a facilitator and not of a judge or propagandist.


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