Friday, April 23, 2021

Which will be the First Muslim Country to Launch Mars Mission in 2020?

Which will be the First Muslim Country to Launch Mars Mission in 2020? The UAE leadership is not only working on Mars Mission 2020 but also recently announced the launch of a project to create the first ever Space Hospital. A statement of intent to build a space hospital was made at the Arab Health 2018 forum, writes Khaleej Times.

WE will be the first islamic country to send spacecraft to Mars!

At the same forum, the Ministry of Health and Prevention of the United Arab Emirates also introduced other health initiatives for the treatment of chronic diseases, including Cancer, Diabetes and Depression.

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“Being directly on board the spacecraft, thanks to nanotechnology, astronauts will be able to receive all necessary treatment remotely, and we will monitor and manage this process from Earth,” the employee of the ministry shared with the newspaper.

“Surgeons will inject nanobots into the bloodstream, which will further eliminate the need for surgery, as they will find infected cells and repair them.”

The Minister of Health and Prevention stated that the Space Hospital project will be thoroughly tested on Earth after which it is acclimated for use in outer space.  Another main technology that will be used in the future to treat cosmonauts will be artificial intelligence. “All methods of treatment of various diseases, including chronic ones, will keep pace with the latest achievements in the field of medicine, to allow patients to independently handle their treatment if there is such a need,” he added.

UAE’s Mars Mission 2020

UAE’s Mars mission is going to launch the Hope ship into space in 2020. According to the UAE leadership, in 2021, on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the state, the ship should reach Mars. This will be the first spacecraft sent to Mars by a Muslim country.

At the end of 2017, within the framework of the Martian mission to the UAE, they also started creating a full-size prototype of the city on Mars, Mars Scientific City (“Martian Scientific City”), whose area will be more than 170 thousand square meters.

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Mars Scientific City is intended to be the first step of the country towards the establishment of a settlement on Mars by 2117, the construction of which is envisioned within the framework of the national centenary program of the UAE. The national centenary program of the UAE includes a plan for the training of local scientific personnel for supporting Mars Mission 2020. Within the framework of the project, vigorous studies of human life, as well as launch vehicles, energy and life support will be carried out.

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