Sunday, January 17, 2021

How Top MBA Colleges in India Facilitate Amazing Student Placements

There are various factors which define the rankings of a Business School, but Placements, from a students perspective, are the most important consideration when opting for a college. With changing times & trends, the bar set by the best MBA Colleges for Student Placements is also seeing tremendous improvement with colleges like IIM-A and SPJain Mumbai leading the way.

The top MBA Colleges in India are now changing the concept of not allowing a student to sit for student placements once he or she has been selected by a company. The top example being SPJain-Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad, one of the most reputed Business Schools in India, that gives its students the freedom to sit for student placements and get placed in companies of their choice.

It is VITAL FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS TO providE additional work experience to students via internships, live projects, community projects, entrepreneurial opportunities FOR GREATER STUDENT PLACEMENTS.

In a recent ranking, the IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta were ranked as Best Business School in India for the sixth consecutive year, closely followed by SP Jain Institute of Management and Research- Mumbai, IIM-Lucknow and XLRI-Jamshedpur.

SPJain-Mumbai has a policy of Autumn Internships instead of Typical Summer Internships that allow the students to gain over three to four months of work experience in their selected specialisation.

These MBA Colleges in India are known to set strategies to ensure that their students get nothing but the best. A part of the Student Placement strategy is to ensure that students get pre-placement offers before the end of the session.

SPJain-Mumbai, for example, has a policy of autumn internships instead of summer internships that allow the students to gain over three to four months of work experience in their selected specialisations. This, in turn, allows the organizations to judge the students on a real-time basis, who may gradually extend a pre-placement offer to the deserving students.

In order to get the best recruiters for the students and achieve great student placements, MBA Colleges not only work on honing the skills of its students but also work hard on improving its overall image in the market.

At the same time, top MBA Colleges in India work on publishing original research papers, developing international collaborative programmes, and using the best technology and teaching methods for training the students. To cater the needs of growing Indian economy and focus on social causes, MBA Colleges in India are also introducing electives to produce responsible leaders of the future.

Top MBA Colleges in India Work On Valuable Lessons to Enhance Education and Student Placements

Leading Business School and MBA Colleges in India are now also increasingly laying emphasis on value development of each student. While some institutes have mandatory courses for the same, there are others that require their students to complete a number of weeks in training and educating the underprivileged children.

XLRI Jamshedpur, for example, has reviewed its mission statement and changed it to ‘For the Greater Good’. Moreover, the Business Schools are now focussing on not only the student placements and development but also faculty development.

Several colleges are known to conduct a retreat for faculty members where they share feedback and brainstorm on better ways to spread education. On the other hand, some business schools in India also conduct weekly meetings to share faculty feedback and discuss needs of revamping the curriculum.

The world today is no longer just different pieces of land separated by water. We today live in a global village with all nations connected to each other by way of trade, employment and activities. Therefore going global, seems to be the best option for the MBA Colleges in India to secure a place in the top rankings of Business Schools.

Student placements are one of the critical steps towards helping the leaders of tomorrow, beginning their journey. It is there very important for MBA Colleges in India to have trained faculty members who could facilitate providing additional work experience to students via internships, live projects, community projects, entrepreneurial opportunities etc.

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