After Mineral Water, “Mineral Air” Becomes Big Business

Does Fresh Bottled "Mineral Air" Really Have Health Benefits?


What exactly is Mineral Air? All major cities around the world are witnessing a sharp rise in the air pollution levels, prompting entrepreneurs to look for innovative solutions to address this concern.

Many countries are fighting a losing battle against air pollution which is caused by various factors including pollution emanating from factories and cars. It is estimated that five to seven million people die annually due to smoke inhalation of harmful gases. In China and India, mortality rates have increased to alarming levels, with air pollution claiming three million lives each year in only these two countries.

Therefore, some citizens who were unable to find clean air searched for exceptional solutions like fresh air-packed in bottles or “Mineral Air”. A lot of companies take air from the countrysides, farms, and mountains and pack it into bottles and sell it online. People may think it is a joke, but the idea aims to raise awareness about air pollution on the one hand, and providing clean bottled air and on the other hand, at a cost.

A Canadian company is already selling fresh air from the Canadian Rockies in containers for around US $24. The director of the Canadian company says that the demand for this product has increased somewhat above expectations. He said the company achieved the highest sales in China, India and South Korea. He adds “We are targeting those cities that are choking from the polluted air.

Currently, the company sells over ten-thousand cans a month in China and hopes that the number will further increase. Marketing its products in India did not begin until recently, and the company now hopes to sell big in major Indian cities.

Some critics argue that it is unlikely that these clean air bottles provide any health benefits, and it is only a propaganda and a strategy for companies to make money.” They further argue that wearing proper air masks is better option to protect yourself from air pollution, However, these masks, for instance, may not provide adequate protection from polluting gases, such as nitrogen dioxide, emitted by cars.

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