How Effective Was Russian Missile Defence System Against US, UK and French Missile Attack in Syria

How did Russian made, Syrian Missile Defence System perform against US, UK and French Missiles? According to Russia, the Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems were able to intercept most of the sea-based and air-based missiles limiting the damage, and prooving efficiency of Russian Missile Defence System. This was stated by Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy.

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According to Rudskoy, Russian Missile Defence System at the Khmeimim and Tartus Military Bases detected all the missiles launches by US, French and British airforce. According to the Russian military department, the strategic bombers B-1B Lancer, the F-15 and F-16 multi-role fighters of the US Air Force, as well as Tornado fighters of the Royal Air Force of the UK,  were involved in attacking Syria.
A number of Syrian military airfields, industrial and research facilities were subjected to the missile attack. According to preliminary information, there were no fatalities among the civilian population or the Syrian military personnel.

According to Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy, a total of 71 cruise missiles were intercepted from the 103 fired by US, UK and French air forces. Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs) S-125, S-200, Buk, Kvadrat and Osa were used to defend the missile attack. This shows the high efficiency of Syria’s weapons and the excellent training of Syrian military personnel prepared by Russian specialists, added Rudskoy.

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“Over the past year and a half, Russia has effectively reconstructed Syria’s air defence systems and is striving to improve it further.” Initially, on request of some of our Western partners, we refused to supply S-300 air defence systems to Syria, but now we are actively considering the possibility of arming Syria with state of art missile defence systems, besides other friendly nations, “Rudskoy concluded