Why Mohammad Bashir “Pakistani Chacha” Secretly Loves India?

Mohammad Bashir was born in Karachi, Lives in the US, but why does he Love the Indian Cricket Team?

Have you ever heard of a Pakistan cricket fan Mohammad Bashir, famously called “Pakistani Chacha”?  Bashir has literally been present in all India – Pakistan matches, but this fan of Pakistan cricket is very disappointed with the performance of Pakistani team. Mohammad Bashir now plans to officially support the Indian cricket team during the Champions Trophy which is to be played in England.

Why does Mohammad Bashir “Pakistani Chacha” Secretly Loves India?

Why Mohammed Bashir Secretly Loves India

Mohammad Bashir may have been supporting the Pakistani team till now, but he has also been secretly supporting India. “I still love Pakistan, but I love India more than Pakistan.” Interestingly, the wife of Mohammad Bashir is an Indian.  On various occasions, Indian cricket star Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been providing match tickets to Bashir. Additionally, Mohammad Bashir like millions of people in Pakistan originally hail from India, and his family moved to Karachi during the 1947 partition.

No Comparison Between India and Pakistan

Bashir runs a restaurant in the American city of Chicago. According to Bashir, there can be no comparison between the existing teams of India and Pakistan. India has “Dhoni, Kohli, Yuvraj and Pakistan do not have any big players which can match their stature. Although this will be the first time in the last six years when Chacha will not be present during a match between India and Pakistan.

64-year-old Mohammad Bashir, born in Karachi, also said, “During the 2011 World Cup match in Mohali, I went to the stand for the first time, after that, I did not miss a single match. I will not able to watch the June 4 encounter between India and Pakistan because it’s Ramadan, said chacha.