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Padmavati Movie Review: Has Karni Sena Dented the Business of Padmavati?

Padmavati Movie Review: Padmaavat or Padmavati Movie Review is incomplete without talking about the commotion, aggression, anger and upheaval it created. Has the Movie Padmaavat/Padmavati really shown the Rajputs in a Bad Light? Despite Extensive Protests and Massive Hype, how will Padmaavat fare at the box office?

Padmavati / Padmaavat depicts the legendary, Rani Padmavati, a heroic Rajput Queen of the Hindus. The Karni Sena opposed the film and aggressively demanded a ban; from intense violent threats to the director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, being physically attacked in Rajasthan during the shooting phase- the movie has become one of the most controversial films in Bollywood, in the recent past.

The Karni Sena claims the Bollywood movie has ‘distorted facts’ and shows Rani Padmavati in a bad light. From Padmavati to the now ‘Padmaavat’, the journey has been pretty long and intense.

Padmavati Movie Review: From Ban to the Big Bash

To cut a long story short, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has given another magnanimous cinematic experience with all the opulence and extravaganza! It is one of those period films that raise the standards for Bollywood filmmakers, actors and the audience. It’s a film that beautifully glorifies the Rajputs and the Rajput pride.

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In the broader sense, Padmaavat is a love story, but there are so many intricacies and elaborate themes that the movie goes far beyond being just another love saga. It shows the love story of the Princess of Singhal, Padmavati, played by the beautiful Deepika Padukone, and the King of Mevar, Maharwal Ratan Singh, played by the acclaimed actor Shahid Kapoor. From the beautiful love at first sight moments to the more lovely emotions leading to the second marriage of the king, it transcends you to another era.

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It is when the mighty Mughal Emperor, Alauddin Khilji, played by the very versatile and fine actor, Ranveer Singh, enters the frame that the movie goes up several notches of brilliance. The influential ruler hears about the beautiful princess and sets his heart and mind on making her, his own. He declares war against Mevar. The movie now brings up even more intensity and emotions that keep you gripped.

The movie is impressive, in parts, especially the details highlighted by the perfectionist Bhansali and also the cinematographers. Deepika is beautiful, graceful and does complete justice to her role, Shahid looks every bit of a king and rules with conviction, but it is Ranveer Singh that takes the cake!

This is one Singh’s finest performances and the perfect pick for the role of a power hungry and obsessed emperor. The 3-hour long film gets much more gripping during the second half when political strategies and tactics are highlighted, along with the growth of individual characters. The film could have been a bit shorter though.

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The Padmavati Movie Review also deserves a mention for the beautiful, but ‘repetitive’ songs. The ‘Ghoomar Ghoomar’ song is already on the top of all music charts but there are other songs through the movie that though visually captivating seem similar to songs from previous works by Bhansali. Padmaavat glorifies the Rajput pride and throws light on the rich and beautiful culture.  The costumes, technical expertise and camera mastery are what make this film what it is.

Padmavati Movie Review: Final Verdict

In a way, Padmaavat has already been ‘successfully running’ for months on what is called ‘negative popularity’. The Karni Sena have given the film so much importance over the last few months that it is already a movie that a majority of people are waiting for. However, one thing is for sure, Padmaavat / Padmavati is a sure shot success at the Indian box office and will always be remembered for its cinematographic brilliance.


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