Sunday, April 18, 2021

HRD Ministry Cancels NEET Exams in Online Mode from 2019

Breaking News for NEET 2019 Aspirants – The NEET Exams from 2019 will now be conducted in offline mode and only once a year. Last month the Indian HRD ministry announced that the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET Exams) will be conducted Online and twice a year starting 2019, which has now been cancelled.

The Indian HRD ministry rolled back its decisions to conduct the NEET test online and made it categorically clear that the examination will be held in the offline mode and once a year only. The registration process for NEET 2019 will begin from November 1, 2018 and the examination will be conducted on May 5.

NEET Exams: Decision Rolled Back After Intervention From Health Ministry

Change in decision after intervention from the Health Ministry. Reports suggest that the changes have been announced by the HRD ministry after an intervention from the Health Ministry. The Health Ministry had expressed fears about disadvantages brought to the rural and economically weaker students by the conduct of examination online.

On July 6 the HRD ministry had announced that the NEET examination will be held by the newly formed NTA from 2019. This examination was traditionally conducted by the CBSE among other examinations like JEE, NET etc. Within three days of the announcement made by the HRD ministry, the Health Ministry wrote a letter to the HRD ministry. In the letter the Health Ministry stated that no formal consultations were made by the HRD ministry before announcing the decision.

The Health Ministry listed out 8 problems that it had with the announcement made by the HRD minister with regards to the NEET examination. The Health Ministry also expressed objections to the NEET scheduling under the changes announced by the HRD ministry.

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