Oman-UAE Relations Deteriorate; Muscat Warns Against Testing Patience

Oman- UAE Relations hit a new low as Oman sent out a fresh wave of warnings against the UAE. The bilateral ties between the two Persian Gulf nations seem to be worsening with time. Oman accused the UAE an incessant theft of its national heritage and intellectual property. Oman warned the UAE of testing its patience beyond endurable limits. 

Oman Sends Out Stringent Warnings to UAE

This recent development in bilateral ties once again lands Oman-UAE relations in turbulent waters. Oman is clearly not impressed by its neighbour and wants to put forth a point that perhaps it has had enough.

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The Vice Chairman of Public Authority for Craft Industries of Oman warned UAE against testing Muscat’s patience. He further added that the ruler of Oman, Sultan Qaboos has damaging documents against UAE. He further emphasized that these documents will be revealed if UAE does not mend its way.

The Beginning of the Bilateral Divide between Oman and UAE

Oman-UAE relations started to face hiccups in 2011. In 2011 Oman dissolved an Emirati Spy faction for espionage and targeting Oman’s ruler. Things further deteriorated in 2017 when the Musandam province of Oman featured in UAE’s map. UAE was again on the offensive when a UAE series exhibited an iconic Omani historical figure as an Emirati icon. Clearly, the bilateral relations between the two neighbours are anything but healthy.

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Following condemnable acts by UAE, Oman responded by dismissing the operations of an Emirati bank in Oman. Oman further holds a strong objection to UAE’s participation in Saudi’s war against Yemen. Muscat has also tried to distance itself from Saudi led war against Qatar.

The Murky Game of Power in the Persian Gulf 

It can be sensed that UAE and Saudi Arabia are keen on gaining a monopolistic power in the Persian Gulf. They are accused of deliberating aggressive policies against other Persian Gulf nations. Surely Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait have reasons to worry about this new quantum of friendship between UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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UAE and Saudi Arabia signed significant bilateral agreements on Wednesday. As much as 20 Memorandums of Understanding were signed between them which will facilitate 60 joint projects. The joint projects include banking, oil, gas, and defence. These pacts were signed at a meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for which other nations of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council were ignored.

From here we do not really see the Oman-UAE relations hit a sweet note. The power games going in the Persian Gulf only hint at troubled waters ahead in the region.

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