Monday, January 25, 2021

Pakistan Army Defends Parvez Musharraf; Says He Is Not A Traitor

The Pakistan Army have given their formal reaction on the decision of the Special Court awarding death sentence to former President Pervez Musharraf.

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According to a statement issued by Inter-Services Public Relations, the decision given by the Special Court about Pervez Musharraf has been received with a lot of pain and anguish by rank and file of Pakistan Armed Forces.

It said an ex-army Chief, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and President of Pakistan, who has served the country for over forty-years, fought wars for the defence of the country, can surely never be a traitor.

The statement said due legal process seems to have been ignored, including the constitution of special court, denial of fundamental right of self-defence, undertaking individual-specific proceedings and concluding the case in haste.

Earlier, the special court hearing the high treason case against Pervez Musharraf sentenced the former military dictator to death. Musharraf has been on trial for high treason for forcing a state of emergency in 2007, and a special court was constituted by then PM Nawaz Sharif to try Musharraf for disrupting the Constitution.

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The verdict was split 2-1 and the detailed judgement will be issued with in the next two days. The former military ruler is currently residing and under treatment in Dubai. “Pervez Musharraf has been found guilty of Article 6 for violation of the constitution of Pakistan,” government law officer Salman Nadeem said.


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