Sunday, March 7, 2021

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Pakistan Celebrated ‘Nuclear Test Day’ When Islamic Republic Got Parity With India

Pakistan celebrated Youm-e-Takbeer – a day when Pakistan became a nuclear power and matched arch-rival India with a  ‘bomb for a bomb’. The nuclear tests that Pakistan conducted in May 1998 made it the only Islamic nations to possess nuclear weapons.

Timely Action By Kashmir Police Averts A Possible India-Pakistan War?

In a tweet, Pakistan DG-ISPR wrote – On 28 May 1998 Pak successfully established credible min nuclear deterrence & restored the balance of power in the region. AFs salute all those involved from conceptualisation to actualisation especially scientists & engineers who made this possible. Long Live Pakistan. #YoumeTakbeer

On May 28, 1998, responding to Indian nuclear tests, Pakistan successfully carried out five nuclear tests in Chaghi, an area of Balochistan. The nuclear detonations, which Islamabad claimed were carried out in self-defence were a direct response to India’s nuclear aggression, Pakistani experts write.

“Every year, May 28 serves as an earnest reminder of Pakistan’s wish for peace as well as a resolute determination to preserve its national integrity, sovereignty and independence,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said at a seminar.

Pakistan ‘Furious’ With India Over Construction Of Hindu Temple At Babri Masjid Site

Pakistan insisted that it was forced to conduct nuclear tests due to “hostile posturing” by India. Islamabad has maintained that despite the nuclear testing, Pakistan is committed to non-proliferation and global peace and strategic stability and exhibited utmost caution and accountability in the stewardship of its nuclear capability since 1998.

Pakistan has also assured the world that it recognizes its obligations and the country had developed a sturdy command and control system led by the National Command Authority, and powerful nuclear safety and security management and export controls.

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