Monday, April 19, 2021

India, Israel Choke Pakistan From All 4 Sides Including Afghanistan, Iran and Now Oman

Can Israel’s relations with Oman and India prove threatening for Pakistan? Recently, Israeli PM Netanyahu paid a secret visit to Oman which may have serious consequences for Pakistan. Oman already has collaborated with India for Duqm port, while Delhi is working with Iran for Chabahar port project. EurAsian Times analyses an editorial of globalvillagespace.

On a secret trip to Oman, Benjamin Netanyahu was accompanied by  Mossad intelligence Chief Yossi Cohen, National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat and with other defence officials. As per secondary research by EurAsian Times, it was the first visit by an Israeli leader to Oman in over two decades; the last Israeli PM to visit Oman was Shimon Peres in 1996. Netanyahu’s office said in a statement on Friday, 26th October that the visit came at the invitation of Sultan Qaboos and followed “lengthy communications between the two nations”.

Just three days before Netanyahu’s visit, President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas also paid a visit to Oman on 21st October. Surprisingly, on 28th October, Omani officials went again to Palestine to meet President Mahmoud Abbas which symbolises the developments pertaining to the Middle-East peace process.

Why Israel Exposed her Relations with Oman? Through Oman, Israel can build secret ties with any player in the region. For instance; India used Oman’s assistance to develop ties with Iran. If Israel gets a strong foothold in Oman through her embassy it can test both Pakistan and Iran.

As per experts that EurAsian Times talked to, Israel will only seek to develop covert or overt ties with Sunni nations to prevent Iran’s spread through the region as well as collaborate with India to deter Pakistan. Oman’s geographical position is such that it can provide all the tools they need to materialize this strategy against both Iran and Pakistan.

Critics claim that international propaganda is being administered against Islamabad; recently it was Israeli newspaper spreading a false story that PM Netanyahu visited Islamabad (after the visit to Oman) a story which created ripples in Pakistan. Pakistan has no official ties with Israel and considers the nations the biggest enemy of Islam.

Critics also blame the United pr ifs seeding civil unrest in Pakistan. After Supreme Court overturned the death sentence of Aasia Bibi, Washington has pressed the government of Pakistan to release another 40 individuals imprisoned in “very dangerous” Blasphemy charges and repeal the blasphemy laws. This step has the potential to create massive unrest in Pakistan and do an irreparable damage to the country.

As defence experts whom EurAsian Times talked to state: Pakistan must realize that they are now surrounded from all the four sides by India and their key allies i.e. Afghanistan, Iran, India itself and now possibly Oman (as Pakistan and Oman share maritime boundary).

Oman is the first Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member to formalize Defence ties with India from joint military exercise and cooperation in anti-piracy and security matters. If Israel succeeds in controlling or micro-managing Oman’s defence policies, a new forth India-Israel maritime front could open from Oman which would encircle Pakistan from all the four sides.

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