Thursday, April 22, 2021

Pakistan Getting Ready For Possible Conflict With India; Develops Ammunition Bases Near Kashmir Border

Pakistan’s Army is constructing ammunition depot along the India-Pakistan border to prepare for possible India-Pakistan conflict. Currently, Pakistan has already built four ammunition bases in Kot, Satrah, Daska and Gujranwala areas of Shakargarh Bulge, says the Indian Intelligence Agencies report.

4 Pakistan Army Soldiers Gunned Down by Terrorists in “Volatile” Balochistan Region

The top Defence official said: ”Any development in Shakargarh Buldge is very alerting. This area is very close to Pathankot, Kathua and India’s national highway-1 connecting Kashmir to the rest of the country. In the case of war, these dumps can play a significant role.”

The Border Security Force report stated that Pakistan is trying to boost its security deployment along the International Border with India. According to the BSF report, Pakistan has established two ammunition depot in Rahim Yar Khan across Jaisalmer to assure that its forces receive arms on the border in no time.

According to the sources, Pakistan has also built helipads in the premises of the ammunition depot that is merely 3 Kilometers away from the Indian border. Another depot is in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. This depot has created many bunkers to save Pakistan’s ammunition in case of an attack by the Indian Air Force and also assist Pakistan to place its missiles in close proximity to the border.

The reports from the Intelligence Unit stated that Pakistan’s ISI has given anti-thermal jackets to terrorists to as a safeguard against thermal imaging devices placed by India near the LoC and International Border. After the report of terrorists trying to enter India by wearing these jackets, Indian security forces are on alert. Indian agencies came to know about anti-thermal jackets when Pakistan did ceasefire violation and attacked the Border Security Forces.

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