Monday, April 19, 2021

Pakistan Activists Demand “Azadi” for Gilgit Baltistan and Occupied Kashmir in London Protest

Activists from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir demanded free Gilgit Baltistan and asked the Pakistan Army to stop atrocities and leave the occupied Kashmir region once for all. They hurled pro-freedom and anti-Pakistan army slogans outside the Pakistan High Commission in London and declared October 22 as ‘Black Day’ against security forces who illegally occupied Gilgit Baltistan on this day in 1947.

President of Jammu and Kashmir Awami Party, Sajjad Raja said, “We all have gathered here to protest against the invasion of Jammu and Kashmir. We are protesting against Pakistan because it led to the division of our state where our people are suppressed and victimized”.

He added, “We want to convey a message to the world that this sort of brutality is not acceptable and we will continue our struggle against Pakistan occupied Kashmir. We believe this was a Pakistani act which resulted in Indian interference as well and consequently, our country was divided between India and Pakistan. So, the whole root cause of this division is October 22 which was done in the name of Islam and in the name of brotherhood. We condemn this activity and will continue our struggle”.

The protesters carried banners like “Is Azad Kashmir Really Azad?”, “Abolish Act 74 & GB Order 2018”, “Arrest the Killers of Arif Shahid Shaheed” and “Restore basic human rights and social rights in Pakistan occupied Jammu Kashmir”.

Pakistani activists strongly put forward that Pakistan-backed terror outfits including Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and Hizbul Mujahideen to leave the PoK territory.

Rizwan Siddique, General Secretary of Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party, UK said, “We believe, if that adventure was not conducted by Pakistan on October 22 our state would have remained independent. The bloodshed in Kashmir is the result of that blunder by Pakistan”.

The protesters raised apprehensions that Islamabad is planning to make Gilgit Baltistan its 5th province to make the path clear for China for its multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Women also participated in the protest belonging to Pakistan occupied Kashmir and exposed Pakistan for its ill-treatment to the residents. Shazia GD, Chairperson, Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party (Women wing) said, “The Hindus and Sikhs were brutally killed. The tribal invaders sent by Pakistan killed the Kashmiri Muslims and then Hindus and Sikhs. How long will you (Pakistan) continue to kill people in Kashmir and claim to be sympathizer of Kashmiris?”

“We don’t have clean drinking water in Azad Kashmir (PoK); our children are not safe there. They are born outside of hospitals to die. However, your officials and politicians are going abroad for medical treatments. If you claim that Azad Kashmir is part of Pakistan, why don’t we have all facilities and why we are all forced to live in exile”?, said Shazia while calling out Pakistan for its dubious stand on Kashmir.

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