Why is Pakistan’s Media Obsessed with India?

Look at this front page of a leading Pakistani News Site. Out of seven news covered, four news elaborately discusses India. Is Pakistan media obsessed with India or they are trying to get more Indian readers?

The answer is both, according to leading Pakistani scholar on a visit to India. He says, the total population of Pakistan is around 19 crores, which is almost equal to the population of one Indian state, Uttar Pradesh. Out of 19 crore population, people who can read, understand and communicate in English are around 1.5 crores. Out of 1.5 crore people who are literate in English language, not even 5% would be visiting our website, despite being the leading newspaper in Pakistan. Hence the total approximate numbers of people looking at our website or different media websites, would not be more than 7 Lacs. If we compare that with India, India has total population of 120 crores, out of which 15 crore are considered literate in English language.

Definitely, there is massive Indian audience who throng different websites, and Pakistan media, like any other media house, would like to attract more customers. Additionally, he says, Indian news sells like hot cakes.