Panama Dumps Taiwan for Powerful China

Panama has Dumped Republic of China (Taiwan) and Established Relationship with People's Republic of China, Delivering a Massive Victory to Beijing in Isolating Taiwan.

Panama's Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi sign a joint communique on establishing diplomatic relations.

Panama has switched diplomatic relations from Republic of China (Taiwan) to People’s Republic of China (Mainland China), delivering a massive victory to Beijing in its endeavor to isolate the self-governing island of Taiwan.

Juan Carlos Varela, the president of the Central American Country – Panama, said that the People’s Republic of China is the only recognized country as per the United Nations and it will only maintain diplomatic relations it. He further said that he was convinced that “China is the right country for Panama,” and the establishment of diplomatic relations with China will open a new era of opportunity for his country.

Panama’s national television station, SER-TV, relayed a press conference with Chinese Foreign Minister and Vice-President and Foreign Minister of Panama, after signing a diplomatic communiqué in Beijing. Panama declared that the severance of the diplomatic relationship with Taiwan does not include the exchange of students, teachers and technology groups.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama has confirmed to the international media, that China is committed to accepting about 200 Panamanian scholarship students in Taiwan with the same amount of benefits.

Panama had been amongst the largest countries to have sustained diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Taiwan now has merely 20 formal diplomatic partners, 12 of which are in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. Due to China’s ever-growing clout, Taiwan has also been banished from the United Nations and many other multinational organizations.

China and Taiwan split apart during the 1949 civil war, and Beijing has vowed to merge the self-governing island at any cost with the mainland. While both the sides have agreed to a secret diplomatic truce, but relations have often degenerated under various Taiwanese presidents. Meanwhile, 

Meanwhile, China continues to build diplomatic pressure on Taiwan, hoping the self-governing island will eventually succumb to pressure and will merge back with the mainland China.

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