Know EurAsian Times

The EurAsian Times is an Independent, Privately-Owned, Global, Virtual & Apolitical, English Language Digital News Site that specializes in reporting news and editorials on Global Affairs.

EurAsian Times has a strong editorial (online) presence in New Delhi, India with contributors and analysts almost from every continent specializing in an array of subjects.

ET specializes in penning analysis and OPEDs on International Defence and Global Politics and has been conducting deep, unbiased coverage on the EurAsian Region, Middle-East, South Asia and the Americas.

The news site also publishes interviews, personal narratives and reviews. A team of highly trained journalists, activists, freelancers and artists contribute to the news site apart from the coverage by its staff writers and International News Agencies.

Key Management Team – EurAsian Times

Prakash Nanda (who, until recently, was a National Fellow with the Indian Council of Historical Research. Educated at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, he has been writing on Indian foreign policy and international relations for the last 30 years in almost all the national newspapers and many international publications)

Jayanta Kalita (Consultant) (a senior journalist and author. A former Associate Editor at Hindustan Times, Jayanta has worked for ThePrint, The Times of India, Mail Today among other media outlets.)

Nitin J Ticku (a double master’s degree holder in Journalism and Business Management from The University of Glasgow, UK. He has over 15 years of global experience in Marketing & Communications, Journalism, and Digital Marketing and widely traveled across Europe, America’s and South East Asia)

Younis Dar (is a senior defense journalist with his heart in Kashmir. He has worked with multiple media organizations and his last stint was with Force magazine where he worked as a senior journalist. Younis has studied journalism from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi)