Will Russia Build Oil and Gas Pipelines Running to China through Mongolia?

Russia, China, and Mongolia discussed the feasibility of oil and gas pipelines from Russia to China. Russin President Vladimir Putin extended support to Mongolia’s initiative of building oil and gas pipelines from Russia to China via Mongolia. A trilateral meeting between the three nations was held in Qingdao, China. Opportunities for cooperation in the energy sector were extensively discussed in the meeting. 

The deliberations of the meeting were reported by the Kremlin press service. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President said that Moscow supports the idea of building a network of major oil and gas pipelines among the three nations. Putin further added that the three nations have been trying to remove excessive administrative barriers which hinder the flow of trade. He termed Mongolia’s initiative as a ‘good idea’ but at the same time maintained that feasibility must be thoroughly verified.

Vladimir Putin Calls For Holistic Cooperation Between The 3 Nations

Putin also lauded warm inter-regional ties and cross-border cooperation between the three nations. He then talked about the significance of cooperation in tourism and why Russia, China, and Mongolia shall escalate efforts in this direction. He emphasized the importance of the Tea Way cross-border route that can connect regions across these nations. The Russian President called for close cooperation in education, environment protection, public affairs, science and also politics.

Agreement on Cooperation in Road Transportation

Russia also maintained that there must be enhanced cooperation in road transportation. Russia hopes that China and Mongolia will ratify the trilateral intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in Road transportation. Russia has already ratified the 2016 agreement last year. Russia also highlighted the surge in container traffic between the three nations which has increased significantly in recent times.

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