Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Russia Unveils New Missiles Capable Of Destroying Western Tanks With 100% Guarantee

Russia unveiled its supersonic missile, Hermes, at the Army-2020 international military and technical forum. The long-range guided weapon system will be able to destroy any Western tank with an almost 100% guarantee, a representative of the Shipunov Design Bureau of Instrument-Making (the system’s developer) told TASS.

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The Shipunov Design Bureau is a part of High Precision Systems Company within the state-owned corporation, Rostec. “Following the results of a full cycle of the Hermes trials at the proving ground with the destruction of various types of targets, a conclusion was made that just one missile of the system will be enough to reliably eliminate any existing Western tank,” the company’s representative said, adding that the destruction probability was 98-99%.

Russia's latest Hermes supersonic missile can wipe out any Western tank,  designer says - Military & Defense - TASS
Russia’s latest Hermes supersonic missile can wipe out any Western tank, designer says – Military & Defense – TASS

Speaking to TASS, the representative asserted that the missile may deviate only by 50 cm from the target even when it is fired to a maximum range of 100 km, with the munition flying at four times the speed of sound. The system also has a compact combat module with launchers for six missiles. The system is compatible with chassis including an armoured vehicle.

“The system features the salvo launch mode at several (up to six) scattered targets and automated synchronization of laser guidance for striking targets with a high-precision projectile with miss distance not exceeding 0.5 meters,” he said.

The Army-2020 international military forum is organized by the Russian Defence Ministry and will be held from August 23-29 at the Russian Armed Forces’ Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center reported Tass. Over 1500 companies are demonstrating about 28,000 exhibits and almost 700 advanced weapon systems in the ongoing forum.

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