Why These Countries Did Not Expel Russian Diplomats for Skripal Poisoning

More than two dozen countries have expelled Russian Diplomats in connection with the poisoning of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in the UK. EurAsian Times examined which nations, including the US allies in NATO and the members of the European Union, did not expel Russian Diplomats after the poisoning of Skripal

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Austria refused to expel Russian diplomats because it traditionally supports healthy relations with Russia and is also the hub of international organizations, where a daily diplomatic dialogue takes place. This was asserted by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz.

The Greek authorities did not give an unambiguous answer if they join the actions of the NATO and EU allies in the removal of Russian diplomats. Athens will wait for the results of the investigation before taking a final decision.

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Bulgaria, which until the end of June holds the presidency of the Council of the EU, rejected to expel Russian diplomats, announcing that it will withdraw its ambassador in Moscow for consultations. The same step was taken by Portugal. “No one is interested in the excessive escalation of diplomatic conflicts,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs August Santos Silva.

The President of Slovakia said that the recall of the ambassador was correct, but not adequate. The decision to expel Russian diplomats has not yet been made. The Slovenian authorities said they would wait for the results of the investigation. The Government of Cyprus emphasized that the country does not plan to emulate the steps of other EU countries.

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Malta and Luxembourg only withdrew their own ambassadors from Moscow for consultations. In Serbia, which is not a member of the EU or NATO said that they do not plan to expel Russian diplomats. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, The Turkish President, a member of NATO, said that his country does not plan to expel Russian diplomats.