European Union Worried by Russian Invasion of Europe and NATO

Is the European Union Really Worried by possible Russian Invasion of Europe and dismantling the NATO? Italy’s new pro-Russia government has caused cracks in the NATO as the US-EU led defence alliance is seeking additional measures to prevent what it calls a Russian Invasion of Europe. But why are European nations reconsidering their stance towards Russia?

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Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said that the new Italian government “will not be yielding to the will of other states” after NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned Italy regarding anti-Russia economic sanctions.

Di Maio said he had no intention to conduct a “yes sir” diplomacy.

Italy’s new government plans to develop closer ties with Moscow and to reverse sanctions imposed on Russia after Crimean annexation. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Italy will continue to remain a strong American ally and a NATO member, but at the same time will seek re-approachment with Moscow as sanctions were crippling the Italian economy.

US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchinson warned Italy that “the sanctions must continue until Russia changes its approach”, otherwise “it would send signal weakening ties and internal rifts amongst NATO members.”.

NATO Fears Russian Invasion of Europe?

At a press conference in Brussels, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, “We have to stay united, especially when we see that Russia is trying to divide us.” Under the mission 2020, NATO aims to swiftly move troops across Europe and have more combat-ready forces, ships and planes. NATO aims to deploy 30 battalions, 30 air force squadrons and 30 warships in 30 days to deter any possibility of the Russian Invasion of Europe.

US-EU Relations at Risk due to Russian Invasion of Europe?

The EU and US accuse Russia of violating peace deals in the eastern Ukraine, where there has been an armed conflict between the ethnic Russian-speaking population and the Ukrainian government. Sanctions were imposed on Russia after Ukraine and the members of global community accused Russia of Crimean annexation, while Moscow maintains that people of Crimea voted in a referendum for unification with motherland Russia.

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