Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Is Pakistan Seeking The S400 Missile Defence System from Russia?

Will Russia sell advanced S400 Missile Defence System to India’s arch rival Pakistan? Pakistan defence minister has confirmed that Russia and Pakistan are in talks about Islamabad buying the S400 Missile Defence System from Russia.

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The S400 Missile Defence System is an approach to strengthen the Russia-Pakistan strategic ties and cooperation. Along with the S400 Missile Defence System, Pakistan is also interested in purchasing the T-90 Tanks in the coming years, along with other efforts for defence cooperation. Russia understands the importance of Pakistan as a geo-strategic region and is thus keen on expanding the military cooperation between the two nations. These new ties are also important for Pakistan and Russia, especially with the failing ties with the US.

The S400 Missile Defence System and Russia-Pakistan Bilateral Ties

Pakistan and Russia are on the same page when it comes to bringing about peace and stability in war torn Afghanistan. Many efforts are being made by Russia to end the disputes and carry out peace talks. Russia-Pakistan have been jointly carrying out peace efforts to stabilise Afghanistan and eradicate the terror of the Taliban and other militant groups operating in the region.

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The S-400 Air Defense System is one of the many efforts being made by Pakistan to better defense cooperation with Russia. The two countries are also expected to jointly carry out military trainings, sharing of intelligence and procurement of military equipment. The two countries were initially on the opposite sides of the Afghan crisis but have now joined hands and come to common grounds on regions and international issues.

Will the S-400 Air Defense System Deal Further the Improving Pak-Russia relations?

As reported in The Tribune, both Pakistan and Russia are ‘keen to expand military ties’, the Commander of the Russian Ground Forces commented:

“Pakistan is a geo-strategically important country and Russia is keen to expand its existing bilateral military to military cooperation,”

The Pakistan-Russia relations have been consistently improving over the last few years. Russia appreciates Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against terrorism and Pakistan appreciates the military cooperation. With severed Pakistan-US ties and harbouring US-India ties, Russia is warming up to Pakistan and understands the geo strategic importance of the region.

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