Yemen War: Saudi Pounds Yemen Medical Facilities with Fresh Air Strikes

The Yemen War is escalating incessantly. Fresh air strikes by Saudi Arabia led coalition forces once again pounded Yemen. Saudi Air Strikes on Yemen is only making the ongoing Yemen War from bad to worse. An important medical facility was dusted by air strikes in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its allies. Will the Middle East continue to burn with the Yemen War? 

Air Strikes in Yemen on Medical Facility

Saudi Arabia led coalition targeted the newly built cholera care Center. The Center in the town of Abs which has now become dysfunctional is run by Doctors Without Borders. The planes ripped through the medical facility and intensified the Middle East Crisis.


As reported by RT, fortunately, no casualties were inflicted for the medical facility was empty when the planes hit. The Cholera Care Center was yet to receive any patients. Doctors from Doctors Without Border mission in Yemen have called these attacks as being unacceptable. MSF further informed that it has stalled all its operations in Abs unless the safety of patients and staff are guaranteed amid Yemen war. The Middle East Crisis is getting larger and larger. The Yemen war might one day transform to the next world war.

Yemen Worst Hit by Cholera

According to the United Nations, Yemen is the most affected country in the modern world in terms of the cholera epidemic. This has been Yemen’s plight in the last three years after Saudi led coalition intervened in Yemen and triggered the Yemen War. Most of those affected by cholera are children. Did Saudi ignore ethics in bombing a cholera medical facility then?

Second Such Attack by Saudi Arabia

This isn’t the first time that Saudi Arabia has targeted a medical facility in war-torn Yemen. In August last year air strikes were conducted at an MSF hospital also located in the city of Abs. The strikes inflicted casualties as well. Claiming 19 lives and leaving 24 injured, it was one of the deadliest strikes in the Yemen War.


In the Yemen war by the end of 2017 more than 5500 civilians have been killed and 9000 injured. These figures have been given by the United Nations. Should the international community intervene to establish peace in the Middle East?