Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Critically Injured or Dead?

Is Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) Injured or Dead? According to Iran’s Press TV, Mohammed bin Salman, who has not been seen in public for almost a month is critically injured after heavy gunfight was reported from outside the royal palace in Riyadh.

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Mohammed al-Mas’ari, the secretary-general of the Islamic Revival Party, quoting credible sources, said in a television interview that the 32-year, tech-savvy, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was wounded by bullets during a recent attack. He said the news of Mohammed Bin Salman’s being critically wounded was leaked by sources within the royal family before getting viral on many social websites.

According to the Iranian media, many journalists in Riyadh reported exchange of heavy gunfire outside the royal palace on 21st April 2018. This report was refuted by Saudi Arabia’s state news agency and claimed that the gunshots that the journalists heard were actually the shooting down of a toy drone which was flying in a close proximity to the royal palace.

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Iranian media, quoting the Saudi sources, claim that shooting down of a toy drone is a fabricated story to conceal the real events on April 21st. The fact of the matter is that the heavy gunshots were a result of an attack from vehicles carrying heavy machine guns. The crown prince was wounded in this attack and was quickly shifted to a safe location for treatment. His health condition remains unknown, but according to the Iranian Media, he received two bullet injuries.


Besides his aggressive policies, abduction of members of the royal family, and all the voracious internal power struggle, two of the royal family members – Muhammad bin Nayef and Mutab Bin Abdullah planned the ouster of the crown prince. They, besides many others, were believed to be angered with MBS’s failed campaign against Yemen, intervention in Syria, changing stance towards Palestine, and economic blockade of Qatar.

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