Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sidhu Critisized On His Cricketing Career In Pakistan At Kartarpur Event; Ignores With A Laugh

Indian and Pakistani cricketer-turned politicians – Imran Khan and Navjot Singh Sidhu’s friendship is unwavering. Sidhu is loved in Pakistan for magnanimously praising PM Imran Khan and promoting open borders between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan Opens Its Heart and Border For Sikh Community – Imran Khan

Now a video of the premier referring to the fellow cricketer-turned-politician as “hamara Sidhu” while enquiring about his arrival at yesterday’s Kartarpur Corridor opening has gone viral. In the footage, PM Imran is seen on a shuttle at Kartarpur and can be heard saying, “Acha hamara woh Sidhu kidhar hai? Main keh raha hoon hamara Sidhu.” (Where is our Sidhu? I am asking where is our Sidhu?)

He is then told that Sidhu had been prevented from entering Pakistan from the Wagah border. Khan then asks whether former Indian premier Manmohan Singh has arrived for the inauguration.

Sidhu lit up the ceremony with his speech in which he heaped praise on PM Khan. “Today, Imran Khan has won the hearts of 140 million Sikhs of the world,” he said.

He credited PM Imran for doing something that no political leader could do in 72 years. “Imran Khan has created history. He has made the dream of millions of Sikhs come true. Millions of Sikhs across the world will never forget this huge favor,” Sidhu said as he repeatedly thanked Imran on behalf of the Sikh community.

Earlier, Sidhu was invited on stage and was introduced something like this:

“He has been a top batsman. He is also known as Sixer Sidhu. He is very aggressive in politics as well as in batting. He speaks for humans. He has a passion for humans. “The proof of Navjot Singh Sidhu’s love for Pakistan, and especially Imran Khan, is that he has scored 9 centuries in his career (Test) but hasn’t hit a single one against Pakistan. This is his love for Pakistan,” Faisal Javed Khan who introduced Sidhu sarcastically commented.


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