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Social Media Guidelines

Social media is all about sharing information, data, opinions and knowledge online with the number of users across the globe. Eurasian Times also gives you the opportunity to publish your news, views and write reviews online. This is an ideal platform where consumers can share their online reviews, read expert reviews and consumer complaints online. Eurasian Times (ET NEWS) is the right channel and platform for the users who wish you publish their news, views, reviews and share their knowledge with rest of the world.  Having said that, users at ET news are required to adhere to the social media guidelines. Accordingly, the following represents the social media policy applicable to all users of Eurasian Times.

Use ET News to share your News, Views and Reviews 
ET gives you a right platform to publish your news, your views , ideas and knowledge with rest of the world. Always use the appropriate language, right tone and manner and do not indulge in any unethical activity. You can act as an citizen journalist . ET gives you the opportunity to share your online reviews , expert reviews and consumer complaints.

Remember, the online media has the same impact as any other media
ET users must keep in mind that, any news or views written should be based on facts and must not be perceived as causing political, racial, sexist, religious outburst. The articles written in Eurasian Times should not directly or indirectly hurt the sentiments of any group or individual. Always use appropriate language and follow the code of conduct while submitting your news, views and expert reviews on Eurasian Times

Be aware that anything your write online will anytime become Public
Always keep in mind, that whatever you write online can anytime become public. Electronic media is very smart and works on the electronic trails we leave while assessing the net . Moreover, Hackers do exist so users at ET news need to be extra vigilant about the content of the postings.  Please maintain your personal and professional accounts separately. And keep a check on the pages you’re being tagged upon. Ensure that you follow code of conduct while writing and posting your news and views on Eurasian Times. Be cautious while writing online complaints and expert reviews.

Make sure that you double check the facts of your news before posting it online
It is very easy to put up anything on internet. But users need to double check the facts and objective of their news before putting it up on Eurasian Times. Any doubt in the writing needs to be validated pre-hand before posting. Any wrong posting could have big repercussions.  In order to avoid such situation, Eurasian Times wants all the users to evaluate their work efficiently. All the online complaints and consumer complaints must be backed up with facts. Expert reviews should be given correctly.

Keep internal discussions confidential
Any discussion among the employees or members of Eurasian Times needs to be kept confidential and must not be shared publicity. The rumours can damage the brand image and create negative impression about the organization. The users need to follow the company policy and should abide by the set of rules and regulations. All the citizen journalists are requested to maintain integrity.

Follow the professional and ethical standard of high order
Eurasian Times users are encouraged to portray ET articles on various social networking sites as original. This will enhance the brand image of Eurasian times and help ET gain visibility in the online world. You can publish your news , views and reviews with ET news on other networking sites. You can use the link of Eurasian Times on other social networking sites.




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