Thursday, February 25, 2021

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British Aircraft Carrier To Guard Australian Vessels in South China Sea

The South China Sea is witnessing an increased militarisation and influence by China. This move has raised concerns among nations that stand for free navigation and stability in international waters. China’s actions in the South China Sea are making things tense and amid these tensions, Britain will be sending an aircraft carrier to back Australian vessels patrolling the region.

As reported by The South China Morning Post, Australia and Britain are discussing the feasibility of deploying Britain’s Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in the South China Sea to counter China’s influence. Julie Bishop, the foreign minister of Australia stated that both Australia and Britain are for peace and stability in the region.

At a joint news conference by Australia and Britain in Edinburgh on Friday, Julie Bishop stated that there has been a drastic shift in great power relations and that has fuelled a great an unprecedented volatility. Australian defence minister and foreign minister discussed with the UK Defence Secretary the feasibility of joint naval exercises in the Pacific region.

China in recent times has intensified its presence in the South China Sea by building artificial islands, airbases and missile installations close to its neighbours in the region. Bishop also highlighted the challenges to the international norms and rules with respect to the Pacific

Threats posed by China to other nations by militarising the South China Sea is stitching a greater cooperation between the nations which stand for a free and open Pacific. The US too has been irked by China’s increasing influence in the region and has been asking its allies to increase their military presence in the Pacific to confront the growing influence of China in the South China Sea.

The officials of the two nations further stated that they want the world to understand that Britain and Australia are the greatest of allies.

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