Friday, April 23, 2021

US-China War Possible over South China Sea Dispute?

Is US-China War really possible over South China Sea Dispute? The US-China Relations are severed at many levels including the recent Trade War, and now the US has again drawn attention towards China’s aggressive approach towards the South China Sea. Recently, a US destroyer was found very close to an island claimed by China which the US called freedom of Navigation. The aggressive military expansion over the South China Sea has garnered global attention.

China believes that this recent incident is a ‘serious military provocation’, while the US says it was on a ‘freedom of navigation’ operation. With Trump already irked by China, there are chances that such operations in the South China Sea will be increased to tell China that this expansion is unacceptable. Additionally, the French and British naval fleet is also set to enter the South China Sea and may lead to further ‘provocation’.

France, Britain Support the US on the South China Sea Dispute

The purpose of the French and British naval fleet entering the South China Sea is to show their support to the US. This also shows solidarity with other allies like Japan and Australia as they believe that China’s claims over the disputed waters go against international rules set after the 2nd world war.

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However, chances of China taking a step backwards are bleak! In fact, experts believe that this show of solidarity may further pace up China’s military expansion over the disputed parts of the South China Sea. The US believes that China is trying to gain supremacy over the waters and thus reinforcing military power.

China’s take on the South China Sea Issue

On the other hand, China believes that the issue is all about the US trying to keep up its military bases in water. China believes that the US is trying to intimidate China only to maintain its powers over the waters. As reported in the South China Morning Post:

For the record, China, in fact, does abide by rules laid down under international accords, whether on climate change or exploration in the Arctic and Antarctica, but just not those that it thinks will undermine its sovereignty or core interests.

China is completely aware of the growing suspicion and the aggravating the South China Sea issue. However, it appears that this aggressive spread across the South China Sea is the nations assurance to not feel vulnerable again. A lot has happened over the waters in the history, and China is being double sure so history does not repeat itself.

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