Monday, January 18, 2021
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Vietnam Beats China, India to Become Next Manufacturing Hub: Reports

Vietnam has emerged as an attractive foreign direct investment (FDI) destination in Asia by beating China and India, a report by the Economist Intelligence...

‘Great Firewall Of China’: Beijing Plans Stringent Norms & Massive Crackdown To Curb Internet ‘Misuse’

China is set to tighten its grip over the internet by updating the existing legislation, popularly called ‘Great Firewall’, for the first time in...

Indian Air Force Base Near China Border Gets ‘Fighter Shelters’ That Can Withstand 2000-Pound Bomb

The Indian Air Force also has another technology to repair damaged runways in a few hours. The combination of the hardened shelters and capability to repair damaged runways quickly gives India an operational edge in combat with China.

Will Joe Biden Poke His Nose Into The Kashmir Issue & Complicate Matters Between India & Pakistan?

Will the US under Joe Biden make things harder for India by unnecessarily poking into the Kashmir issue? Kashmir has been a major flashpoint...

How American CIA Failed To Detect India’s Vajpayee-Era Nuclear Test Preparations & Were Caught Dumbfounded

Contrary to popular belief, an American satellite had indeed detected evidence of India’s preparations for nuclear tests during PM’s Vajpayee’s tenure, but CIA analysts failed to flag the matter in time.

Russia’s Growing Ties With China Do Not Deter It From Critical Nuclear Collaboration With India – Analysis

Russia might be getting closer to China, India’s principal strategic competitor. But then the fact remains that Russia needs India as much as it needs China.

Sri-Lanka, Bhutan or Nepal: Who Could Be India’s Pick For Republic Day Chief Guest As British PM Cancels His Visit?

Experts point to several world leaders from Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Indonesia who could be the guest of honor at India's Republic Day

Did Angry Xi Jinping Remove China’s Top Military General After PLA’ Flop Show Against Indian Army At Ladakh & Doklam?

As tensions between India and China see no end, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a second call to "prepare for war" since the first...

Troubled Economy, Surging Defence Budget & A Two-Front War Scenario Weaken India’s Position Against China

The very headline, ‘Why China is Winning Against India’ is scathing in its tenor. The article proposes that even if no war happens between China and India, the latter still stands nowhere to afford the status-quo as eight rounds of talks have yet yielded no results.

Unlike Pakistan’s Direct-Hand In Kashmir, Is China’s Role In India’s Northeast Insurgency Much More Nuanced?

On January 1, an assistant professor of Assam’s Dibrugarh University shared a small video clip on Twitter claiming, “Chinese radio broadcast in the highways...

Chinese Fighter Jets Simulate Indian Rafales, Su-30 MKIs In Mock Drills With Pakistan

China’s J-10C and J-11B fighter jets were used to simulate India's Rafale and Su-30 MKI fighter jets during the recently-concluded Shaheen IX exercise with...

Saudi Arabia Goes An ‘Extra-Mile’ to Placate Pakistan As Determined Islamabad Refuses To Yield An Inch

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) repeated attempts to choke Pakistan, by, inter alia, asking it to pay back the interest-based three billion USD...

Has Balochistan Toppled Kashmir To Emerge As The Most Dangerous Place In South Asia?

Earlier, 7 Pakistani troops were shot dead in Harnai, Balochistan. "Terrorist fired on Frontier Corps Balochistan post in Sharig, Harnai, Balochistan late Saturday night," Pakistani Army said in a statement.

Will Turkey Succumb To Corona Vaccine Blackmail From China And Handover Uighurs To Beijing?

Turkey is under enormous pressure to ratify a 2017 extradition agreement, allowing the country’s Uighur Muslims to be sent back to China, EurAsian Times...

DRDO Scientist Explains Why Akash Missile Beats BrahMos & All Others As India’s Most Sought-After Export Weapon

Developed by DRDO, the Akash missile system has a range of 25 km and is capable of targetting fighter jets, cruise missiles, drones, and other aerial assets. The missile was inducted in 2014 in Indian Air Force and in 2015 in the Indian Army.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina May Be Pro-China, But She Is Not Anti-India – Expert Analysis

Despite China's growing investment in Bangladesh, India finds a responsive leader in Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who does not play a China-card against New Delhi  

China May Have Deployed 100 Aircraft In Ladakh, But India Can Deploy Three Times More Due To Its Advantage — IAF Veteran

The Chinese PLA Air Force may have deployed 100 combat aircraft in Ladakh but India has the capability of fielding as many as 250...

How Pakistan-North Korea Axis Is Getting India, South Korea Even More Closer With Strong Defense Ties

The danger emanating from the Pakistan-North Korea axis that has the blessings of China is bringing India and South Korea closer militarily. This is...

Why India Could See The Ugly Side Of Its ‘Old Ally’ Russia If A War Breaks-Out With China?

The US would stand by India and Russia would throw its weight behind China if a war breaks out in the Himalayas. Ironically, China and India are common in both the permutations. Both countries face a two-front war scenario.

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Arunachal Pradesh’s Bid To Remind China How India Took Administrative Control Of Tawang 70 Years Ago

India’s northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh will build a memorial in the honor of Major Ralengnao Khathing, a former British Army officer, in Tawang...

Pakistan Urges Global Community To ‘Charge’ India For 2019 Balakot Airstrikes

Pakistan has urged the global community to hold arch-foe India "accountable" for an airstrike by its air force on Balakot in February 2019, days...

UK, Germany, France Warn Iran Against Starting Work On Nuclear Program

Tensions between Iran and the EU nations including the UK, Germany and France have reached a fever pitch over Tehran’s decision to accelerate nuclear...

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Condemns Attack On Female Judges; Urges Taliban To End Violence

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in a statement said the terrorist attack and continued violence is contrary to Islamic guidance and urged the Taliban to...

Operated From Ladakh To Baghdad, AH-64 Guardian Helicopters Gets Orders From Australia

The Australian government has selected Boeing’s AH-64E Guardian attack helicopters to replace its fleet of 22 Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters (ARHs), informed Defense Minister...