Monday, March 1, 2021

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Pakistan Asserting Force and Pressure on Taliban for Peace Negotiations

Pakistan has detained some of the senior members of the Taliban, hoping to bring the group to peace negotiations. However, the former ambassador of the Taliban, Zaeef, says that they will not bow down to Pakistan. Are Pakistan’s ‘assertive pressure’ tactics on Taliban going to bring about peace or adversely affect the possibilities of peace?

Pakistan has been orchestrating peace and reconciliation negotiations with the terror group and detaining some senior  members was a hope to bring the negotiations on the table. As reported in Pakistan’s Daily Times, the former ambassador stated:

“Pakistan has increased pressure on the Taliban but they will not accept what Pakistan wants them to do. Pakistan has detained some senior Taliban leaders at a time when efforts are underway in the region to encourage the Taliban to come to the negotiating table”

Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and SecurityMoves Forward with Taliban Reconciliation Plans

The Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Security (APAPPS) are jointly working towards promoting peace and reducing violence in Afghanistan and other key areas affected by terrorism. These plans were recently discussed by the PM of Pakistan with President Ghani. Both leaders support the peace offer made to the terror-group and called them to join the peace and reconciliation process.

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However, Zaeef stated that the group does not want to be a part of any peace process with Pakistan or Iran and instead want to negotiate peace terms directly with the US. The former ambassador was arrested in 2002, in Pakistan, and handed to the US authorities who detained him until 2005. He was on the designated terrorists list until 2010.

An Islamic Government for Taliban

Zaeef also said:

“So far, the Taliban consider the Kabul government an unconstitutional government. Secondly, the Taliban want to liberate Afghanistan from clutches of occupation forces. They want to introduce Islamic government in Afghanistan”

The terror-group is not open to accepting any peace terms, from any nation, unless foreign military forces are out of Afghanistan. They believe that the US forces in Afghanistan are adding to the troubles for the people and the region and blame the US for increasing adversities in the region.

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