Israel Urges World To Halt Nuclear Iran after Trump-Kim Meeting in Singapore 

The international community is keenly awaiting the Trump-Kim Meeting in Singapore. The venue for the historical Trump-Kim Meeting on Tuesday is beautiful Sentosa Island in Singapore. Talking about the significance of the Trump-Kim Meeting in Singapore, Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu also mentioned the Iran Nuclear Deal. He said that those supporting Trump’s quest for global peace shall also stand for the dissolution Iranian Nuclear deal. EurAsian Times analyses JPost reports on Israel’s fears of a Nuclear Iran.

Consequential Trump-Kim Meeting in Singapore 

This unprecedented Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un meeting may realign some significant global scenarios. China has had a major role to play to set the air for this historic summit. The two nations aim to deliberate upon a mechanism to achieve permanent and sustained peacekeeping. As per North Korea’s state media, the Trump-Kim meeting will also focus on the Korean Peninsula, denuclearization of the Peninsula and other issues of mutual interest for the US and North Korea. This summit can bring about tectonic shifts in global affairs.

Israel Attempts To Halt a Nuclear Iran

Prime Minister Netanyahu was in Jerusalem addressing the members of the AJC global forum. He emphasized upon the fact that dangerous nuclear regimes must be denuclearized. The members of the AJC global forum met in Jerusalem ahead of the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting on Tuesday. Netanyahu said that anyone who stands with Trump on North Korea should also stand for the denuclearization of Iran.

Speaking about the Trump-Kim meeting he said, “I think the entire world, as we do, prays for the success of this effort.” He said that pertaining to the Iran Nuclear Deal the global community seems divided. He called for the global community to back the cast off of the US-Iran nuclear deal. He highlighted the difference of stances of those in the missile range and those who aren’t. Netanyahu further said that Israel could be the very first target of Iran upon becoming a nuclear state.

Iran Lashes Out At Unilateralism of the US

During the Shanghai Cooperation Meet on Sunday, the Iranian President criticised the unilateralism of the United States. He said that the US has unilaterally pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. Hassan Rouhani further added that the efforts of the United States to impose its policies on others are threatening.

Now we must wait to see how things go at the Trump-Kim meeting on Tuesday. The dynamics of the Korean Peninsula may change forever and this summit has the entire world looking at it.