Has Donald Trump Cancelled His State Visit to the UK, Fearing Mass Protests?


Has Donald Trump Cancelled His State Visit to the UK? US President Donald Trump has dropped his plans to inaugurate the new US embassy in London next month, according to key sources. Anxious about the welcome President Trump might receive in the United Kingdon, President Trump has asked the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to visit the UK instead.

British PM Theresa May invited President Trump for a state visit to the UK when she became the first global leader to visit the White House. Fearing mass protests in London besides consistent threats from the British MP’s hell-bent on not providing an opportunity to President Trump to address the Parliament, led to this decision.


Now, it is expected that President Trump would make a brief, working visit next month to London to inaugurate the new US embassy located in south-west London. The US administration so far has not responded to the reports, while the UK has also refused to shed any further light on this matter. According to British newspaper Independent, it appears that the British government was already aware of the postponing of the visit.

British MPs have frequently demanded cancellation of the state visit of US President Donald Trump, after his controversial decision to crack-down on immigrants from Muslim majority nations. The controversy ignited a diplomatic tiff between the traditional allies – US and UK after British PM Theresa May condemned the decision of US President. Earlier, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson rejected the notion that a state visit to the UK by American President Donald Trump should be dismissed.

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