Why are the UAE and Qatar Sending their Troops to Afghanistan

Why are the UAE and Qatar sending their troops to war-ravaged Afghanistan? According to reports, the Afghan National Security Council (NSC) has approved the proposal to welcome special troops from the UAE and Qatar to Afghanistan under the Resolute Support Mission.

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In a statement issued by the Afghanistan National Security Council, the NSC confirmed the proposals of the UAE and Qatar to deploy special forces to Afghanistan under the Resolute Support Mission to train, consult and support Afghan National Forces under the Afghan-NATO Security Pact. The statement, however, did not mention anything about numbers of troops or the timings of the deployment.

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This comes after US commander General John Nicholson recently declared that the UAE and Qatar wanted to deploy troops in Afghanistan. “This is just not an American mission. There are 39 countries here.  In fact, we have two more countries that have recently offered to join:  UAE and Qatar,” said Nicholson.

And so these countries not only commit troops; they contribute financially and they bring legitimacy of a 39-nation coalition to keep the pressure on these terrorist groups, Nicholson added.

Earlier, EurAsian Times reported a recent study by the BBC, which stated that the Taliban affected areas in Afghanistan is almost 70%. The Taliban affected areas in Afghanistan can be further divided as, complete control over 4% of the country and active existence in the remaining sixty-six percent. This study shows the existence of much greater Taliban affected areas in Afghanistan than other recent studies.

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BBC Reports Alarmingly High Percentage of Active Taliban Affected Afghanistan. This study by BBC is based upon direct communications with over 1000 independent locals in the varied districts across Afghanistan. According to the NATO study, the Taliban affected areas in Afghanistan was a mere 44%, however, the BBC study reports an alarming 70%.

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