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China, Russia Blatantly Turn Down US Request To Isolate North Korea



The US-Russia relations were expected to get better post Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki. But Russia and China have vehemently turned down the request made by the US at the UNSC to ban oil supplies to North Korea. The US urged to China and Russia to halt oil supplies to Pyongyang to further pressurize North Korea.

As reported by TASS, The US submitted a proposal in a committee of the United Nations Security Council to ban the export of oil products to North Korea. In response to the proposal submitted by the US, Russia and China sought time to go through the document and also asked for proofs which testified that the quotas for supplies had been exhausted. On the same day, the US also accused North Korea of breaching the sanctions of the United Nations Security Council which restrict the supplies of oil products to Pyongyang.

A diplomatic source from the United Nations told TASS on Thursday that after scrutinising the document submitted by the US, Beijing and Moscow have turned down the US request to ban the export of oil supplies to North Korea.

The US had made a special request to UN members, including Russia and China to ban the export of oil products to North Korea with immediate effect. China, Russia, UK and France make the 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council along with the US.

The historic summit between the US President and the North Korean leader in Singapore last month was termed as being highly successful. The US assured the world that North Korea had agreed to denuclearise and the success of the summit brought joy all across the globe as a new precedent of global peace was set. But the US which then said that North Korea will denuclearise soon has now changed its tone and in recent times has said that there were no time limits for North Korea to denuclearise.

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