US-China Dispute Intensifies; Beijing Deploys Missiles at South China Sea

Why has the US-China Dispute Intensifies so much that Beijing decided to redeploys missiles at the South China Sea? The South China Sea conflict involves a tug of war between several sovereign states, besides a US-China Showdown over the disputed islands and freedom of navigation. As reported by the SCMP, China redeployed the missiles it had removed last week as US-China tensions intensified. The Chinese surface to air missile systems is back on the Woody Islands.  

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Satellite Images Confirm Redeployment

It was being asserted that the removal of weapon systems by China was only temporary. The images captured by an Israeli intelligence firm confirmed redeployment. ImagSat International, the Israeli firm released satellite images of Woody Island. The same intelligence firm released images on June 3 which hinted at the removal of missiles. The removal was cited as temporary and the new set of Satellite images back the assertion.

China removed missiles last week after the US sent two Nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to fly over the region. As the tensions intensified, China withdrew the missiles. But now the missiles are back as the United States pushes allies for larger military presence in waters around the conflict zone. The South China Sea dispute seems to be intensifying yet again.

The US Calls For Larger Military Presence in the South China Sea

The United States is urging France and the United Kingdom to increase their military presence in the area. The South China conflict is multilateral and has kept several sovereign states engaged. The group of non-claimant nations led by the United States of America wants the South China Sea to remain international waters while the claimant nations are fighting for autonomy.

After the withdrawal of missiles, military experts from China had said that the removal was temporary in order to calm tensions with the United States. ImagSat said that it would be keenly observing the developments in Woody Island over the next few days.

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